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Pacific HemFir is the wood of choice for strength, beauty and versatility.

Builders, specifiers, government procurement departments and consumers alike choose Pacific HemFir for its unique characteristics and benefits.

Our Mission

Promote Pacific HemFir as wood that works to raise awareness about product performance, and economic and environmental benefits, resulting in increased market share and production.

We will do this by growing awareness about the superior technical performance, natural beauty, and sustainability of Pacific HemFir to specifiers and end-market users including industrial users, builders, government procurement departments, engineers and architects in North America. Our ultimate goal is to make it easy to specify Pacific HemFir in application and design.

Our Vision

British Columbia’s established track record as a reliable supplier of quality products from sustainably managed forests positions Pacific HemFir as a leading solution and the preferred choice for building products.

Our Values

The Pacific HemFir brand is committed to safely producing high-quality, sustainably managed and responsibly harvested HemFir products. We believe in an industry that invites environmentalists, communities, governments, and First Nations to find a balance that considers both the ecology of forests and the livelihood of the people and communities who depend upon them.

We’re Here To Help

Pacific HemFir is available in a wide range of products and is dimensionally milled either rough or finished. Contact us for more information on products and retailers.