Bridge Decking - Pacific HemFir - Wood That Works
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Pacific HemFir is exceptionally well suited for industrial applications such as bridge decking and bridge stringers, and is an efficient, cost-effective, and more environmentally sustainable alternative to other materials like steel or concrete.

The species has a very high bending and stiffness strength and an extremely good load-bearing capacity. It also takes pressure treating well to create a strong, durable and long lasting product.

Pacific HemFir is available in a wide range of sustainable and renewable second growth timbers that can also be used in additional applications such as docks and rail ties. All Pacific HemFir timbers are available in a wide range of lengths and dimensions, and in rough-textured, surfaced or S4S. All products are available in straight or mixed truckloads.

Plentiful Pacific HemFir is both economical and sustainable.

Help mitigate climate change

Pacific HemFir products not only provide durability and longevity, they are also part of a forest regeneration process that reduces greenhouse gasses. Renewable Pacific HemFir removes carbon from our atmosphere and stores it throughout the lifespan of the wood products, helping to create a low carbon future.


Pacific HemFir Is Available In A Wide Range Of Products And Is Dimensionally Milled Either Rough Or Finished. Contact Us For More Information On Products And Retailers.