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A Natural, Sustainable Beauty

Pacific HemFir’s fine, straight grain, consistent light colour and superior stainability make it an excellent choice for appearance and joinery applications as well as in structural uses where aesthetics are key.

Pacific HemFir is a highly attractive wood that boasts a light, honey-coloured appearance. The wood has a uniform, tight grain, lustrous texture and offers tremendous versatility that allows architects, designers and builders to create elegant, distinctive projects at an economical cost.

Because of Pacific HemFir’s light color, freedom from pitch, excellent machining properties and fine, straight grain, it takes any stain, finish or preservative like a pro. This combination of light colour and excellent stainability also means that Pacific HemFir can easily be made to look like many other high value wood species such as teak or oak.

Its versatility and performance make Pacific HemFir  a popular choice for moldings and interior woodworking, joinery, veneered interior paneling, furniture, doors, floors and windows.


Pacific HemFir Is Available In A Wide Range Of Products And Is Dimensionally Milled Either Rough Or Finished. Contact Us For More Information On Products And Retailers.