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Pacific HemFir is the wood of choice for future generations.

From sapling to sustainable end product, Pacific HemFir is a renewable building material that provides environmental benefits throughout its lifecycle.

Sustainable and renewable Pacific HemFir

Pacific HemFir is 100% renewable. Grown and harvested within the context of British Columbia’s leading sustainable forest management regime, Pacific HemFir is a natural solution that helps mitigate climate change, locking in carbon over the wood product’s lifetime.

Pacific HemFir is responsibly harvested to sustain and protect forests and their ecosystems. It is sourced directly from the coastal and interior regions of B.C., which adhere to the most stringent forest management standards and practices in the world. These practices protect key environmental values including soil conservation, water quality, fish habitat, critical wildlife habitat and reforestation.

At home and abroad, government, industry and consumers alike are recognizing that wood products sourced from sustainably managed forests are critical in protecting this renewable natural resource and tackling climate change.

Not only do healthy forests help in the fight against climate change, sustainably grown and harvested wood products have further lifecycle benefits through their carbon-locking capabilities. Plus, science shows that it is possible to construct zero-carbon buildings—and even make them a carbon sink—by using renewable materials such as wood. This means that B.C. forest products—particularly fast-growing Pacific HemFir—are the eco-friendly choice, especially compared to non-renewable, carbon intensive materials such as steel or concrete.  

Building with sustainable, renewable Pacific HemFir supports a low carbon future, meeting the environmental, social and economic needs of current and future generations.

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Pacific HemFir is available in a wide range of products and is dimensionally milled either rough or finished. Contact us for more information on products and retailers.