Industrial Applications - Pacific HemFir - Wood That Works
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Value and Treatability Make it Wood That Works

Possessing a very high strength to weight ratio, superior treatability, and benefitting from an abundant supply, Pacific HemFir is an excellent choice for a variety of industrial and structural applications.

Pacific HemFir’s strength values meet the Canadian Standards Association’s CSA O86, Engineering design in wood standard, as well as the span requirements of many installations, making it easy for engineers, architects, regulators and other users to specify Pacific HemFir timbers in industrial applications where structural calculations are required.

Versatile and strong, Pacific HemFir meets many of the structural load bearing and load carrying requirements of the North American industrial market of products including: 

  • Bridge Timbers : Stringers, Beams and Heavy Decking
  • Matting – including Crane Mats, Access Mats, Digger Mats and Rig Mats
  • Industrial Packaging and Crating
  • Timber Blocking for Heavy Lifts
  • Shoring Timbers (Lagging)
  • Wharves and Marine Docks
  • Timbers for Pole Barns and structures
  • Sound Abatement Fencing
  • Pipe Saddles and Specialty Dunnage for Transportation
  • 3d rendering of a car driving on the highway with soundshield fencing separating the road from the neighbourhood

    SoundShield Fencing System

    Pacific HemFir SoundShield fencing is the natural solution for communities looking for innovative ways to reduce traffic noise and their environmental impact.
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  • Pacific HemFir Access Mat on gravel ground


    Pacific HemFir access mats are used for completing projects in a multitude of industries including forestry (logging mats), oil and gas, power transmission and distribution, heavy civil construction, marine
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  • wooden trail boardwalk made of pacific HemFir

    Bridge Decking

    Pacific HemFir is exceptionally well suited for industrial applications such as bridge decking and bridge
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Pacific HemFir Is Available In A Wide Range Of Products And Is Dimensionally Milled Either Rough Or Finished. Contact Us For More Information On Products And Retailers.