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Outdoor building made of Pacific HemFir surrounded by snow
Photo Courtesy of Forestry Innovation Investment
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VANCOUVER, BC─Made from one of the most plentiful and renewable species in the province, introduces a renewed commitment by the provincial and federal governments and industry to market BC Pacific HemFir products as a local, sustainable, carbon friendly building material.

“There’s a reason why Pacific HemFir is called wood that works,” explains industry expert Rick Jeffery. “It’s strong, dense and durable, all-important attributes that make Pacific HemFir a high value wood with superior technical performance.”

Pacific HemFir is 100% renewable. Grown and harvested within the context of British Columbia’s leading sustainable forest management regime, Pacific HemFir is a natural solution that helps mitigate climate change, locking in carbon over the wood product’s lifetime.

Its cachet is only just beginning to be appreciated by professionals, looking for a low carbon solution in new applications and building projects, but together these qualities make Pacific HemFir an exceptional fit for most structural, appearance and industrial uses.

In fact, HemFir’s strength values have recently been updated in the Canadian Standards Association’s CSA O86, Engineering Design in Wood standard. This new standard for timbers makes it much easier for engineers, architects, regulators and other users to specify Pacific HemFir in industrial applications where structural calculations are required.

Supported through its funding partners Forestry Innovation Investment and Natural Resources Canada, the market growth opportunity captured by Pacific HemFir can provide employment, increased government revenue, local business and supply chain profitability, and help create a low carbon, sustainable future.

Susan Yurkovich, President and CEO of the BC Council of Forest Industries, celebrated the launch of Pacific HemFir, saying “this renewed commitment by the federal and provincial governments will help grow awareness and promote renewable, low carbon HemFir as a building material of choice around the world. Growing customer demand in new markets globally for sustainably produced BC wood products supports a strong, sustainable economy that lifts up British Columbians, while providing climate solutions to the world.”

Jeffery adds, “With its strength, versatility and beauty, Pacific HemFir has proven itself to be both economical and sustainable. Pacific HemFir truly is Wood that Works.” To learn more, please visit

Media Contact:

Rick Jeffery C: 604.818.9858

About Pacific HemFir

Pacific HemFir members are committed to safely producing high quality, sustainably managed and responsibly harvested HemFir products. We believe in an industry that invites environmentalists, communities, governments and First Nations to find a balance that considers both the ecology of forests and the livelihood of the people and communities who depend upon them.

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