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Pacific HemFir: The Next Step in Glulam’s Evolution

This profile, featuring Western Forest Products, is the first in a series of articles showcasing Pacific HemFir’s building performance, quality and environmental credentials. Western Forest Products Mike Andrews combines years of practical quality control experience with

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The Truth About Pressure Treated Pacific HemFir

How to choose the right wood product for heavy construction and marine applications Truth or fiction? In an age of “alternative facts” cutting through the noise of misinformation is one of the greatest challenges our society faces today. And the world of wood design and

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A Cut Above

New Advanced Testing Proves that Pacific HemFir Has Superior Design Values Looking for large structural timber with greater environmental, economical and performance benefits? New research conducted by the Department of Wood Science at the University of British Columbia (UBC)

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Sustainable Sound Abatement Solutions

New research by FPInnovations concludes that Pacific HemFir has Superior Noise Reduction Properties. As more and more housing developments start to fill in the gaps between rural and urban areas, greater solutions for sound shielding are needed.

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Pacific HemFir Is Available In A Wide Range Of Products And Is Dimensionally Milled Either Rough Or Finished. Contact Us For More Information On Products And Retailers.